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Loving Lately

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Memorial Day Murph 2014

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i should be doing homework…

but, i’m not. i’ve been doing just about everything except homework. i actually just got home from the gym, which is an acceptable reason for procrastination. (on a side note, please remind me never to go to the gym at 8pm. apparently that is when the entire city of wentzville decides to go to the gym as well. i hate crowded gyms. its one of my biggest pet peeves) and back to me writing about procrastination! I have found the best ways to procrastinate. Of course, perusing crafty blogs is an amazing way to avoid homework. The problem I have with that is that I see things I want to try and get so excited about them I decide to try them right then. Which happened today. I ended up in one of those black holes of clicking links and jumping from blog to blog and ended up finding this tutorial.

I knew the perfect shirt, an old favorite of Chris’ that MUST have shrunk in all those washes, lol.

So I grabbed my┬áscissors and nervously started cutting it apart. I ended up with this…

I worked on it off and on all afternoon and after some trial and error on certain parts

this is where i made one of the mistakes… guessing where to put the straps. they are obviously way too far apart.

finished product!

I used ruffles at the top for contrast but just used a strip of fabric at the bottom. I think it turned out great.

the back is where the buttons from the front of the shirt are now

getting a "good" picture of payton wearing the dress was nearly impossible.

delilah apparently wanted in on the action too.

I learned a lot from this, and i love her cute little pinstripe dress. what a doll.

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