Ask, Seek, Knock?

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; those who seek find; and to those who knock, the door will be opened- Matthew 7:8

I’ve heard this verse over and over and over again. It seemed so elementary for so long. Something I just didn’t think about. It seemed like such a positive affirmation that you will be rewarded for your work… blessed for your effort…. but what exactly is it that we are to ask for? For what are we seeking? and where are we knocking?

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its barely after 10pm and i’m completely exhausted. i feel like i’m in a constant state of exhaustion at this point. we are nearing week 36 of pregnancy and i’m honestly struggling. everything takes extra effort at this point. the reality that she is almost here sinks in more and more every day. last tuesday i went to the doctor and found out she has dropped and is in the right position and i’m 1cm dilated.  i am so excited, but have such a hard time envisioning what life will be like once shes here. i’m just trying to stay rested at this point, but thats hard to do.

chris started his new job today. i’m so thankful for answered prayers. its a perfect fit for him. hes doing the web/marketing work he loves to do and best of all he is back on salary. its just another way that God has taken care of us.

i was planning on writing a lot more, but my eyes are getting heavy… i think i’m going to turn in for the night…

The journey

It’s funny how God begins to stir your heart in the smallest ways. A comment from a friend, a song on the radio, a picture, a sunset… You experience something that jolts your spirit. Sometimes it fills you with peace or joy and other times it whets your appetite for something bigger. A mixture of triggers in my life over the past weeks and months and even years have ignited some longing in me to rediscover what I thought I had known for so long. I thought I had my “vision” figured out. Lately I’ve come to realize I never really took the time to evaluate my passions, desires and giftings to discover exactly what my purpose is in the body of Christ. My whole life I have always been generically passionate. That alone made me desireable in several positions in ministry. I realized for the majority of my life I have been simply “filling the need” rather than finding my niche. I went wherever help was needed. I did things with excellence. And I developed genuine passions for some areas in which I served. But right now, I don’t know where I fit. So, I have begun a journey. I have begun spending more time with the Lord. Reviewing old journals. Figuring out what really makes me feel alive. And I want you to join me on this journey. If there is an area that you have seen me serve in and be passionate about, please remind me! I need all the input and encouragement I can get. I’m looking forward to learning more about myself and Gods heart on this journey and I would love to share that with you as well. Much love 🙂