My Truth and The Next Step

Hey there lovelies! How are you doing today? I am starting to feel a little bit worn out from the week, despite my relaxing weekend. These early mornings, long work days, and late nights are no joke. It’s just a season, at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Late night homework anyone?
Late night homework anyone?

So remember when I told you about how I was so confused about my nutrition? I’ve done a lot of thinking, reading, and babbling (mostly to this girl, who has been an amazing support and awesome encouragement) and you know what? I didn’t find the answers. What I did realize is that it is ok to not be ok. It’s ok to not have the answers. This is a JOURNEY. People are at all different points in their journeys, and that is ok. We are all different. When it comes to nutrition we all have different ideas and what works for us. But even THAT is constantly changing. Did Paleo work for me? Sure. Does that mean it is the right thing for me for the rest of my life? Nope. As someone who is so open with my journey I felt like if I was going to “change” my theory of what was working it would somehow mean I was giving up on what I told you was working for me, that people would be upset or disappointed. But the thing is, this is my journey… and yes, I want to share it with you to inspire you on your own journey… but that doesn’t mean they will look the same. Ya know?


One thing Emily said to me really struck a chord with me… “People sometimes spend too much time trying to “rise above” their truth, instead of just owning it” – The truth is as someone who is obese… the scale still matters to me. I’m not talking about being within 5-10lbs of goal weight or just needing to “tone” … I mean I need to lose 50lbs. The scale matters to me. Does it define me? No. Not at all. But it is still important to me. It is a good tool to use to see progress. Not the only tool, but a good one. There is a huge movement, which I think is awesome, all about trashing the scale. and maybe when I am at a “healthy” weight I will be more inclined to do that. But for now, for me, the scale still matters. That is my truth and I’m owning it.

Obviously on this journey it is important to see progress. When I stop seeing progress I get frustrated. I know I am killing it in the workout department, but I just haven’t been seeing the strength gains I should be seeing. I also haven’t seen the weight loss I should be seeing. Not seeing progress in either of those areas is not good for my sanity! I know nutrition is the problem. After seeing Kassie’s success in hiring a fitness coach, I decided to look for a local coach of my own. I got a referral from a friend for a guy who has been in the industry for a long time. I officially hired him yesterday! He took my measurements and we talked about my goals. Ultimately I want to lose weight and gain strength so I can get better at CrossFit. I want to be healthy. I want to be fit. I have a CrossFit competition coming up in September and I want to feel confident and rock it out. He is going to help me do that! He is writing my custom meal plan that I will be starting Monday. I’m excited! I’m ready to make some killer progress.

Do you have any truths you struggle with owning? 

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  1. yes, yes, YES!!!!

    SO glad you hit “publish” on this, girl. I really think bringing in an objective professional is a smart move. It can get very overwhelming listening to everyone *else’s* opinions. We’re all fumbling around looking for the right fit for us as individuals. Of course not the same thing will work for everyone and not for the rest of their lives!

    We change, we learn, we grow. Major props to you for recognizing it was time to gain a little perspective.

    My TRUTH? I hate exercising, and always will. I’m not going to pretend that it makes me feel amazing, because it’s painful and annoying and bugs get stuck to my face when I run outside.

    What makes me feel amazing is that I do something I hate because it’s good for me. That’s the cool part, IMO. 😉
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    1. THANK YOU! If you hadn’t given me the inspiration I wouldn’t have even written this post. You’re such a joy and inspiration and i’m glad to have you in my life!! You bring such a great perspective.

      and don’t go saying you will ALWAYS hate exercise. I said that once… never say never! ha.

  2. Good for you girl! I agree, the nutrition business gets so confusing, and just because something works for you doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that’ll work or the best thing for your individual body and goals. I’d love to get a coach in my corner too! Looking forward to hearing how that goes! Good luck. 🙂

    PS – just found you through Twitter and I’ll be back! 🙂
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    1. AH! So glad you found me! Nutrition is such an individual thing. For every “article” or professional that you can find for one point of view you can find one for the opposite point of view. I like that having a coach allows me to explore different things and get feedback on it for me individually!

  3. THIS. IS. AWESOME!!!! I still have about 20 that I need to lose to be within a healthy weight. I think I need the scale more too. I think it is fabulous you’ve hired a coach to help you get to the next level. You story is awesome and you have to do what is BEST for you. Everyone’s story can’t be the same – think how boring that would be!! Keep it up lovely!
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  4. Good for you! I really think the scale helped in my success for a long time. People would tell me it was unhealthy to weigh myself so much, but you know what, it worked for me! I needed to see that number change, when it was going down it helped keep me going and when it went up it pushed me to try harder. Now, with only a few pounds to my “goal” which who knows if that’s even a good number I picked randomly, the scale stresses me out.

    I think professional help is great. If I could afford it right now I would go for it too, just for my sanity in trying to figure out what I think is the right thing for me.

    Good luck!
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    1. It is a great motivator! It isn’t just evil like everyone portrays it. It’s just another tool, it’s all in how you use it. Keep working it – you’ll find success!

  5. YES! I think everyone needs to own their own truth and goals and do what works for THEM, not anyone else.

    Don’t forget to celebrate what you’ve done! Don’t worry about the “should haves”, you will get there. Progress is never linear – you work hard day in and day out and YOUR progress, not the other chicks, is what matters. Keep on rocking it!
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    1. SO true. I have come a LONG way. But I think seeing so much other progress going on around me reminds me that I should still strive for progress, despite how far I’ve come! I’m excited about this next chapter.

  6. Courtney, I love this post! When you have some success, and then what worked quits working, it is hard to be adaptable and change the course as need be. I love the honesty about the scale too. I am the same as you. It is still an important part of my journey and one of the measures of progress…like you said not the only one, but still it is there. I can’t wait to see how things go for you with your coach!

    1. AH, Thanks Jenn! It is so hard when you’ve been on the journey so long and something worked so well. It’s hard to get out of the mindset sometimes. It is so true that at this point the scale measures progress, but it isn’t the only thing that does. I just have to remember that MY journey is going to be different from someone else’s. Here is to (another) new beginning!

  7. I just hired a Health Coach as well! I was (as you know) frustrated with the nutrition part of things as well. And although I did just recently break-up with my scale, I certainly respect why you still use yours – and I’m not saying I’ll never step on one again – I just needed a break from the constant stress of the daily weigh-in! You and I are strong ladies and we WILL get there. It’s our journey and while it may be a long one it sure is worth it! <3 You!
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    1. Oh how exciting! Is yours going to do a full out meal plan for you? You have been going pretty hard core all year with the contests, and sometimes that mental break is necessary. I find it so easy to kill it in the gym, but have been just feeling stuck. I feel like this plan will give me tons of progress, and I’m looking forward to it. We got this!

  8. Thank you for this post! I have been on such a roller coaster when it comes to the scale. One week, I trash it. Then the next, I tell myself that I should use it to see progress. Truth is, I do need to use it. And you’re right – maybe when I’m closer to the “healthy range,” I can trash it. But for now, I need it. Thanks for putting it back in to perspective for me.

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone. So many people are ditching the scale – which is great for them… but it’s almost like there is this huge social pressure to do it… and a huge level of guilt if you don’t. I’m not going to be defined by the scale, but I’m not going to abandon it either!

  9. I am right there with you girl. I am not seeing the numbers go down with wight and up with strength and its killing me. I am so excited to see how things go with the coach…I may need to look into that too. And this – “People sometimes spend too much time trying to “rise above” their truth, instead of just owning it” – was something I so needed to read! Loved this post!
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    1. So I just got my meal plan yesterday. SIX meals a day. Mostly 4 oz of a lean meat like turkey breast, a carb in the AM meals, and veggies. Eating the same thing most every day though. It takes the guess work out of what to eat, which is half the battle for me! And that sentence hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s just another confirmation that we are all on our own journeys. We may travel together, but it won’t be the same road.

  10. Any advice on finding a nutrition/health/fitness coach? I feel like I am googling all of the wrong things… Would live to see a post about the process!

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