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For what seems like forever I’ve been telling myself I should do yoga. The relaxation, the stretching, the strength…  I knew it would be good for me. The reality is running a gym means that it’s hard to line up my schedule with a yoga studio. I’ve tried a few videos but to be honest many of them got a little too into the spiritual side of it, which isn’t bad, but not something I’m too in to. I found an app for my iPad called FitStar Yoga that I am loving. For the past few weeks I’ve been spending some time on my rest days doing a session or two with this app.


I really really like it. It is relaxing and perfect for moving my body on rest days. I love that it asks you to rate the poses as too easy, just right, or too hard. There was one crazy inversion that I was all no way and marked it too hard. Most of the stuff feels just right. I had the free version of the app, but I made a deal with myself that if I kept it up for a month I’d get the Premium version. I totally think it’s worth it!

As a part of my ambassadorship with HumanX Gear they were kind enough to send me their Eco-Fit Mat and Jump & Stretch Rope to help with my yoga and stretching routine.


This was the encouragement needed to stay on track for another week. Also, while I was out grocery shopping I saw a $3 mini yoga mat and I knew Payton would love to join me. So this past Sunday we set our mats up and did our little yoga session. It was adorable.


She loved it. She was also very particular about the poses… “Mom, she has her arm straight – Yours is bent!” and when relaxing in corpse pose at the end the classic “Mooooom, you’re supposed to have your eyes closed!” and my reply of course “How do you know my eyes are open if you’re supposed to have your eyes closed?” haha. We ended up doing another session because she loved it. And, of course, she had to change her outfit to be like the girl in the videos. She waiting for the part of each session that had Seated Namaste and really got into it. I loved it.


I’m really excited and hope this sticks. I may also try to find a local place that has yoga to try out as well! I can’t believe I waited so long.

Do You Yoga?

13 thoughts on “Hello Yoga

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I keep telling myself I want to start yoga but have trouble finding the time to get to a class. I’ll have to look into this app.

    1. Oh what a good idea! I think class pass in our area is more downtown St Louis, which is a ways away. I would love to find a yoga instructor to teach yoga at our crossfit!

    1. That’s one of my other reasons for not wanting to commit to a class… the one I found here in my town is $25 a pop! That would pay for a whole year of premium on this app!

    1. headstands? How cool! I’ve done handstands agains the wall but no headstand work. I’ve got to get more into inversions, they seem so challenging and fun!

  2. Try Yogadownload.com all the 20 minute sessions are free and they are soooo good, all different levels. They also have an app, but it only works with iOS. I love, love, love it. And so do my kids. Your daughter posing namaste is adorable. 🙂

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