Lightened Up Ranch Tuna Salad #BeeHealthy

It is already 3 weeks into the New Year. There is a saying that goes around saying that it takes 21 days to form a habit. So, have you made your New Year’s Resolutions into habits or have you already forgotten what they were? This is your year to become who it is you want to be. It’s still a New Year, and there is time to become that new you that you’ve always dreamed of. Many people set health related goals. As a CrossFit Gym owner and Coach the most common goals I see people setting this time of year are to lose fat and/or gain muscle. When I talk to clients about their food there is one thing that is missing in most of their diets: protein. Most people do not eat enough high quality, lean protein or good healthy fats. Bumble Bee Tuna offers a super affordable healthy option full of lean protein, healthy fat, and important vitamins and minerals.

I picked up a few of the pouches of Bumble Bee Omega-3 Albacore Tuna. I love that they offer pouches, it saves some time from having to drain the can. If the can is more your jam, they have that too! I used the pouch and a few other ingredients to make one of my favorite lunches, Lightend Up Ranch Tuna Salad.


I started with some chopped onions, about 1 tablespoon, and half of a green pepper. Here you can really make it to fit your preferences, maybe some celery, pickles, or any of your other favorite fresh vegetables. I used 1 pouch of Bumble Bee Omega-3 Tuna, Plain Greek Yogurt, and Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning.


Poor it all in a bowl and mix thoroughly.


You can put it on top of a bed of lettuce and some tomatoes and cucumbers or put it in a whole grain wrap if you want to add in some carbs. This is a super easy and delicious way to add in protein when you are in a pinch for time. Now that I think about it, I’m sure you could add a dalop of greek yogurt and a pinch of seasoning right to the pouch and eat it on the go – another way to avoid the drive through! See, adding protein doesn’t have to be complicated… or bland. This is your year to reach your goals. Let’s do it.

What are some of your favorite healthy meals you fix up in a pinch?

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3 Tips for Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions with Progresso™ Light

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If you are like many people you probably made some goals or resolutions for this year. When January 1st rolls around people are high on motivation and spend the day planning out their meals and workouts, organizing those overflowing closets, and setting up their plan for getting out of debt. By the time January 15th rolls around we have become overwhelmed and our meal plans turn into take out, our savings becomes spent, and workouts are sacrificed in favor of sleeping in.


So, how can we make our resolutions stick? The difference between a wish and a goal is plan. In order to set ourselves up for success we need to have a plan. Once you have determined what your goal or resolution is there are a few tips you can use to make your resolution become your reality.


  1. Break it Up
    Setting a goal like losing 20 pounds or saving $1000 can be overwhelming. Instead, break it up into smaller, more manageable goals. If you want to lose 20 pounds this year make your goal to lose 5lbs per quarter, or a little over 1.5 pounds per month. This makes it far more reasonable and easier to stay focused, instead of getting overwhelmed by a massive goal.bigchangesinsmallsteps
  2. Make One Change at A Time
    Trying to change everything at once is far too overwhelming and sets you up for disappointment. Make one change at a time. Instead of going out to lunch every day, pack your lunch a few times a week. Packing a lunch doesn’t mean you have to give up flavor. One of my favorite ways to add extra flavor without the extra guilt is to include Progresso™ Light soups as a part of your healthier lunch.


They have 40 delicious flavors at 100 calories or less per serving! You can have your favorite flavors like Creamy Chicken Alfredo without sacrificing your goals, liking feeling good in your clothes!




  1. Avoid Absolutes
    Telling yourself you will not eat dessert at all the entire year or resolving to not make any impulse purchases all year almost guarantees your failure. Making 100% absolute resolutions awakens your inner rebel. That rebel wants to find a way around the rule. Instead of making absolute goals or resolutions, make limited resolutions like enjoying dessert on special occasions or having a certain amount of the budget allotted to impulse purchases. This allows you to still indulge in those things within reason and relieves the pressure of striving for perfection.


Hopefully using these 3 tips for sticking to your resolutions helps you stay on track throughout this whole year. Don’t give up. You are worth it!


Do you set resolutions? What are your tips for making them stick?

Manitoba HempPro 70 Protein Review

No matter what kind of nutrition idea you subscribe to getting adequate protein is always going to be important. Protein is essential to good health! Most people struggle to get enough protein through whole foods so you will see a lot of people supplementing with protein powders. Not all protein powders are created equal. I know it can be overwhelming to think about. There are so many varieties of protein… Whey, Isolate, Soy, Pea, and the list goes on and on.

When I’m looking for protein I want to know I am putting the best possible nutrients into my body. I was given the opportunity to try out Manitoba Harvest’s new HempPro 70 protein powder through my partnership as a SweatPink ambassador. I got to try both the chocolate and the vanilla. It is a plant-based protein, which is especially good for people who prefer to avoid dairy. It is the only water soluble hemp protein powder on the market, which makes it convenient on the go, no need to blend in a blender… unless of course you want to make a smoothie… which is exactly what I did!


I mixed 8oz of Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk, 1 TBS of PB2, 1 Serving of HempPro 70, and a handful of Enjoy Life mini chips in my Ninja blender with some ice and had a chocolate peanut butter protein smoothie. It was delicious and full of filling protein and healthy omegas.

I just mixed the vanilla in with my almond milk and a blender cup and it was an easy on the go snack. I would say I preferred the chocolate over the vanilla, although both were good!

It is nice to know if I need a boost of protein I can get it without having to think about scarfing a chicken breast down!

What do you do to get extra protein?
Are you a chocolate or vanilla person?