Alpha-Bits Snactivities {sponsored post}

Life with a 4 year old is like a life stuck in fast forward. It goes by so fast! In this crazy tech driven world it is, unfortunately, far too easy for me to forget the importance of hands on learning time. In the world of “there’s an app for that” I often forget the value of getting down and dirty in some old fashion hands on learning. What is better than mixing together learning and eating? That is what Alpha-Bits does!

Alpha-Bits is a delicious, nutritious and wholesome breakfast for children (adults enjoy it too!) with 20g of whole grains and 12 essential vitamins and nutrients per serving, including zinc and iron to support healthy brain development. In one serving, eating and reading becomes a fun way to feed our bodies while feeding our brains.

While Alpha-Bits has been around since 1958 they just recently partnered with the PBS Show “Super Why” and they are now the mascots for the cereal. Payton loves the show so the colorful characters quickly caught her attention! We decided to make some Crispy Treats out of our Alpha-Bits.


She was so excited to get to help me cook. I even let her stir the marshmallows as they melted (with a very long spoon)


She was slightly impatient waiting for them to melt. So she went over to the big bowl of Alpha-Bits and started looking for all the letters to her name. She was also moving so fast I couldn’t even get a good picture!


Once the marshmallows melted we mixed it up, She was surprised at how sticky it was! We pressed them into a pan and then came the hard part: Waiting! When it was time to chow down she was yelling out all the letters as she was eating them “Look Mom, it’s P like in my name!”

It was great to spend some time together learning and having fun! In a world full of screens it’s nice to take a break and enjoy some real hands on learning… and eating!

How do you get hands on learning experience with your kids?

Disclaimer- I received product as a part of a campaign with Alpha-Bits and My Little Free Library. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sick Days

On Monday Payton woke up with a bit of a scratchy throat. It went away after a few hours, but I knew it’d be back. Yesterday she woke up and squeaked “Mama, I’m sad because I’m hot”

Yup. Fever and congestion. So for the first time in a loooooong time I stayed home from CrossFit with her. I hardly knew what to do with myself with a few extra hours in the morning. She started to get better throughout the day, but it’s so hard seeing her sick. I felt off all day too because I didn’t get my morning work out in. Since she was feeling better we went up to CrossFit for the evening sessions. It was good to get a workout in.

This morning I found her curled up on the end of the bed and she said “I just don’t feel good today” so we stayed home again. Poor kid is wheezing and coughing and still has a low grade fever. So another day of cuddles on the couch and Disney Junior


Last week I had the makings of something similar. I woke up with a scratchy throat and immediately thought of the Zamboost Samples I was sent to try out.

I began taking them and sipping on hot tea. Luckily the majority of the sickness past, with just an early morning throat tickle for a few days. I really think that taking Zamboost when I first felt the sickness coming on kept me from getting full on sick. I love that they are a local company from here in St Louis! Too bad I didn’t have a chewable version for toddlers!! If you are looking for something to boost your immune system be sure to check them out. They are available in Walgreens & Complete Nutrition stores in the STL area and on Amazon for online purchase.

In the mean time I’ve been trying all the natural remedies and little tricks I can think of to help Payt…. Vicks (we even got a Vicks Vaporizer for her room), Warm washcloth on the chest, next up is the warm bath/steam shower trick. I know it’s only a few days that a sickness like this lasts but it breaks my heart! Even her pup is trying to make her feel better, sweet boy.

How do you handle sick kiddos? Do you take immunity boosting supplements?

Coffee Date is Back!


If we were having coffee I would probably have to apologize for being late. Feels like it’s the story of my life lately. I’d blame it on the construction in our subdivision and their ridiculous temporary stoplights, but truth would more than likely be that I snoozed one too many times and then spent 15 minutes running around like crazy trying to grab my meals, dress a toddler, wrangle a dog or two, and finally end up hitting the stoplight right as it turns red… and stays that way for far longer than I’d like. The good news is they will eventually finish construction. The bad news is I’ll lose my most convenient excuse for being late. The truth is I live a frazzled fast forward on the go life. I’d laugh it off during our coffee date and tell you it was just one of those seasons, but the truth is I don’t see our life getting any less hectic. We just aren’t those kinds of people, I guess.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I have been struggling with parenting lately. 3 year olds are so full of questions. SO MANY questions. Some are fun and easy to answer. But some are loaded. The kind of questions that build her worldview. Some questions I just don’t have the answer to. Not only that, but she is developing such a strong opinion on everything. What toys she plays with, what food she eats, what clothes she wears. Sometimes we butt heads. I can’t imagine this being any better as she gets older. As she develops her own personality she pushes boundaries, which is so fun *insert sarcasm* I feel like we’re always saying No or correcting her for something. And then there is the “But Why” …. I swore I’d never pull the because I said so card, but now I lose track of how often I say it. Life is full of those “choose your battle” moments. Who cares if she wants to wear knee socks and sneakers with her dress?

I’d tell you that I feel incredibly blessed that my daughter is a good and kind and sweet as she is. She is hilarious and so incredibly caring. I don’t fault her, but sometimes I just feel so inadequate. LIke I should forgo a college fun and start a therapy fund instead.

I’d tell you its usually those moments when I’m most exasperated when someone asks when we plan on having another kid. I laugh and say not for a long time. I feel guilty for even saying that. I know how many people would love to be able to have lots of kids and can’t for whatever reason. The idea of having more than one kid gives me anxiety. Which then triggers more guilt. It’s a crazy cycle.

If we were having coffee I would tell you I’m really bummed that I thought I had a week off in-between terms of school, but I don’t. I was looking forward to a weekend with no homework.

If we were having coffee I’d apologize for rambling on, grab a refill and sit and listen to you.

If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?