mmmm where to start? its been over 2 weeks since i last wrote a blog… not to say i haven’t sat down and tried, i usually get distracted too easily though. seems as if there is a permanent “to do” list floating around in my brain and before i can mark off one thing i jump to another. so much seems to be going on in my life right now, let’s see… last monday i went back to work after 12 beautiful weeks of maternity leave. that was rough. last monday morning was probably one of the hardest times i’ve gone through. i’m so thankful that chris’ family is watching payton for this short season that i will be back at work, but it doesn’t make it any easier to spend time away from my baby girl. with going back to work it seems like housework piles up so much faster! (as i write this there is a mound of laundry waiting to be put away and a sink full of dishes that i am purposely neglecting…) i’ve been waking up earlier so i can take a shower before payton gets up, then i have to get her ready to go, make sure chris and i have lunch, make coffee and get myself dressed and out the door in time to be at work by 8am. i get off work at 5 and by the time i come home i have a hard time finding the desire to cook, which is also devestating to my weight loss efforts… while i haven’t lost weight this week, i haven’t gained either. i still need to find more time to exercise and be more conscious of my eating. finding balance is hard to do. as if that isn’t enough… i start my first 2 college classes on monday! i’m super excited, but a little nervous seeing as it has been 5 years since i’ve last done any kind of official “schooling”. i hope i haven’t over extended myself.

while all of this can be overwhelming at times, i have such a great peace and a positive outlook on the future. i feel like i finally have a goal and vision to work towards, which is helping me stay motivated in all areas (so far). I have been putting a much higher priority on spending time in prayer and worship, it does leave me feeling so refreshed. i feel so very blessed to have everything God has blessed me with… a wonderful husband, a precious daughter, a beautiful house and so much more. everytime i’m tempted to get worked up about something (usually rather unimportant) i remind myself of how blessed i am. God has ALWAYS been faithful and there is no reason for him to stop now. he provides just what i need just when i need it. whether it is an encouraging word from a friend or coming through in a time of need, he is always right on time.

so theres a short recap on life in the norman fam. hopefully i will find some time soon to update more regularly. much love to my millions of fans in cyber space. ha.

The journey

It’s funny how God begins to stir your heart in the smallest ways. A comment from a friend, a song on the radio, a picture, a sunset… You experience something that jolts your spirit. Sometimes it fills you with peace or joy and other times it whets your appetite for something bigger. A mixture of triggers in my life over the past weeks and months and even years have ignited some longing in me to rediscover what I thought I had known for so long. I thought I had my “vision” figured out. Lately I’ve come to realize I never really took the time to evaluate my passions, desires and giftings to discover exactly what my purpose is in the body of Christ. My whole life I have always been generically passionate. That alone made me desireable in several positions in ministry. I realized for the majority of my life I have been simply “filling the need” rather than finding my niche. I went wherever help was needed. I did things with excellence. And I developed genuine passions for some areas in which I served. But right now, I don’t know where I fit. So, I have begun a journey. I have begun spending more time with the Lord. Reviewing old journals. Figuring out what really makes me feel alive. And I want you to join me on this journey. If there is an area that you have seen me serve in and be passionate about, please remind me! I need all the input and encouragement I can get. I’m looking forward to learning more about myself and Gods heart on this journey and I would love to share that with you as well. Much love 🙂