Wanting It Is Not Enough

Another week has come and gone, far too fast if you ask me. Lately I feel like my life is a never ending version of Groundhog Day


Wake Up. Coach. Work. Coach. Cook. Clean. Sleep. Repeat. I get overwhelmed far too easy and let myself get sucked into the routine of the day to day, trying to survive… when this is the year I wanted to thrive. I spend a lot of time running on auto pilot and checking off to do list boxes on the “Must Do’s” of daily life, still. Mostly right now I struggle with having these goals I want to achieve and not making the time to invest in them. I say I want it, but wanting it is not enough.

Wanting it is Not Enough. You must take action to see results.

Those moments of motivation come in waves. We are absolutely driven to achieve our goals in that very moment. We want it so bad we can taste it… In that moment. But that desire to be better, stronger, faster, lighter… it fades away. Life goes on and unless you consciously decide to do something to achieve your goal it won’t happen.

Using my @passionplanner to stay focused on my big goals while being able to juggle the day to day #passionplanner

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 I recently order a Passion Planner and so far it has helped remind me every day that I have a bigger goal than just making it through the day. My big goal? Finish my Nutrition Cert. My smaller every day goals? Make good nutrition decisions, spend quality time with my family, and take some time to refresh myself every day, even if its 5 minutes of silence or playing a stupid game on the iPad… Just some time to try not to think about what I have to do.

You can apply this idea to any goal you have. You may want to lose 5 pounds. Get Pull Ups. Learn a new language. Teach yourself to crochet. Wanting it is nice and it sounds great on paper. But you have to put in the work. I was reminded of that again today as I attempted The CrossFit Open workout 15.2, which included pull ups. Last summer before my surgery I was close. I was doing a pull up progression program 3 days a week and got so much closer to doing a strict pull up. I even got to the top of the rope a few times! After my surgery I stopped all hanging/pulling movements for a good 3 months. I couldn’t hang from the pull up bar without pain until probably December. Since then I just didn’t focus on pull ups at all. I barely fit in regular programming and didn’t make time to do any extra work on my major weakness. If you struggle with pull ups, hitting them every now and again in regular programming isn’t going to make them better. You have to make a dedicated effort to improving your strength. I knew that. So I’ll take my score of 10 on 15.2 and use it as a reminder that my weaknesses will stay my weakness until I decide to something about it. Reminds me of this guy:


When I made this I was terrified of box jumps. I conquered that fear.

Now I’ll attack the biggest hole in my CrossFit arsenal… gymnastics. This year I will get pull ups and rope climbs back! You are my witnesses, now keep me accountable!

What is something that you are wanting and need to take action to make it happen?
Let’s crush our weaknesses together! 

Do More of What Makes You Happy

Oh, January. The month of reflection and goals continues on… As I mentioned a few times I felt like 2014 was just a year of surviving. It was like I just went through the motions of doing all the things that I had to do and not so much time doing things that I loved to do. I often work from 5 or 6am until 7pm, splitting my time between Coaching at CrossFit 70 and working as a consultant with our Web Marketing company. On top of keeping the house running well and having time for my family I often felt like the things I enjoyed doing just got pushed to the side. I realized I became my work. I have had zero work/life balance. That happens when you run your own business and when you work from home. Constantly running back and forth with the “must do” things is like continuously withdrawing from a bank account and neglecting to deposit back into it. Operating on that negative balance is exhausting. The things that used to be no big deal for me to do became such an ordeal because I was running on empty. My happiness meter was dangerously low. So this year I decided to change that. My word for the year, Thrive, was something I picked to help me focus on my personal and professional growth regardless of circumstances. In order to Thrive I need to be able to step away from the grind for a minute or 10 and really recharge my soul.

For most people I know getting away for an hour to workout most days is a part of their recharge time. And, yes, it is for me too. I need that time. It stopped being a choice a long time ago. If I were to put a relationship status with CrossFit I’d have to say “It’s Complicated” because it is a hobby, a release, a recharge… but it is also a business. So being there to work out is never just about working out, there is always still something that needs tending too. So I’ve decided on top of my daily workouts I’m going to take some more time to myself and do more of what makes me happy.


I’ve kind of been helped along in this whole process with my Passion Planner. One of my short term goals was to enjoy life more. I love that the planner helps you break those goals down into actionable steps and keeps you focused on those small steps throughout the week. I made my goal last week to do more of what makes me happy, but in order to do that I spent some time doodling and listing out things that made me happy.



My list included coffee/tea dates, reading, having a clean house, DIY projects, writing, painting my nails, and most recently… Yoga! I am happy to say I did yoga twice last week, cleaned a good amount of my house, read an entire book, painted my nails, and spent more time writing. Do I have time for all that? No, but I made time for it because it sets me up to be in a better place mentally where I am far more productive in far less time. Really, it comes down to knowing you are worth it. You are worth investing in yourself. I am worth investing in. Even if it means pressing pause on some other things, It is SO worth it.

What is something that makes you happy? 

Coffee Date Friday

Happy Friday! We made it to the end of another week, congrats! Let’s raise our mugs and share a celebratory toast over a hot cup of coffee. While we’re at it, lets chat. I love coffee dates. Mostly because I love coffee, but I like to talk too… So it’s pretty much a win-win, right? If we were having coffee I would be super excited to show you my new Keurig 2.0 that I got through a campaign with Influenster.

Isn’t she pretty? What’s cool is that it comes with a Carafe, so you can brew up to 4-5 cups with a K-Carafe! It still brews single serve too, but make sure it is a Keurig approved k-cup because the 2.0 is so smart it will read the labels and only brew quality Keurig k-cups. If you’re interested in purchasing a brewer from Keurig, let me know! I have a link I can send you that gets you 2 free boxes of k-cups! I love coffee, but I love free coffee even more! Also, I love big mugs. Thanks to one of my friends my new favorite mug can probably hold a whole carafe of coffee on its own. No need to refill!


Now, let’s talk about life. I’ve been doing quite a bit of reflection lately. You see, I’m a big dreamer (duh). While that is mostly a great quality, sometimes it causes me to miss the now. I started to think about my dreams and goals and realized that I am so entirely blessed to be basically living my dream. I get to wake up every morning next to my best friend, I am blessed to have the most precious daughter ever, I get to spend the mornings and evenings coaching people I love to better health and fitness, share my crazy thoughts with the world (aka- You awesome readers), and I am in the best shape of my life. Yes, I want to do more, be better, and try harder… but, really, this life I live right now is pretty awesome.


I found this quote the other day and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve always been chasing something… a weight loss goal, a business goal, the next new car or phone… But really I have found the way of life I love to live. I’m absolutely living my dream. But that doesn’t make it easy. I have to make hard choices and sacrifices to live this way. The past few years have been a blur of early mornings and late nights. I have said no to things I’d rather say yes to, and I’ve said yes to things I’d rather say no to. I’m learning to find the balance between chasing my dreams and living them.

Life is hard. Chasing your dreams is hard. Living in the now is hard. It’s all going to be hard, so why not put the effort into something you love. CrossFit, Zumba, Running, Crochet… find what it is and then do it…. and enjoy it. Because you’re worth it.

If we were having coffee I’d ask you what it is that you love to do… What is it that makes you feel most alive? And how often do you do it?