60 Day Fat Loss Challenge Check In: Week 4

Last Friday marked the half way point for the 60 day fat loss challenge! It seems like it has been way longer than that. Week 4 was a bit tough as we were in Miami for a few days. Being away from home and CrossFit plus traveling and being tired just made it seem like a tough week. I weighed in at 204.2 for the week 3 check in. While I weighed in at 204.2 when I got home from Miami, I think the weekend caught up with me. I was super relaxed, but super tired too!


Friday June 22
Travel Day

While I didn’t work out on Friday I did find great amusement in the fact that our hotel was exactly 13.1 miles from the parking garage at the airport… Runners Humor. Also it would be awesome to finish a half marathon in 22 minutes.

Saturday June 23

Walking all over Miami. Plus as lazy as it looks, being on a Segway for 2 hours is a killer leg workout!

Sunday June 24

More walking all over the beach. Also, I had the absolute best gluten free pizza ever. It was at Pizza Fusion on 5th and Alton in Miami Beach. SO GOOD! All organic and gluten free!

Monday June 25th

1.25 mile Run on the boardwalk with the hubs, plus squats, push ups, lunges

Tuesday June 26th 

Recovery Day from Late Night Travel

Wednesday June 27th

Nike Training Club 30 minute Cardio work out. (Have you downloaded the Nike Training Club app? You totally should… it is awesome.)

Thursday June 28th


Pre-WOD: Snatch 5×3
WOD: 7 rounds for time (I did it in 9:15!)
7 pull ups
7 box jumps (I did step ups, still terrified of box jumps)
7 Sit ups

Post-WOD: 200m Row Sprint x3

The Results

Starting Weight: 210
Week 1: 205.4
Week 2: 205
Week 3: 204.2
Week 4: 204.8

While I’m not thrilled to have a .6 gain… It was a tough week. I learned a lot though. Making healthy choices (side salad vs fries) when eating out makes a huge difference.

What are your tips for losing (or not gaining) weight while traveling?

I wanted to quit.

Ever since I started CrossFit I have been so pumped for every work out and I end feeling strong. Something about looking at what I just did gave me an awesome sense of accomplishment. Sure, I modify most of the WODs… but I still felt challenged. I started gaining confidence little by little. I kept trying to up my weight and really push myself.

The problem is when I was training for my marathon I had to learn how to conserve my energy to get through the long runs. CrossFit is the opposite of that. You have a short period of time and to maximize the results you have to maximize the effort. I always found myself feeling tired, but not beat after the WODs. Then I read a post by Olivia from Biggest Loser Season 11 (She’s a crazy CrossFitter and total Beast!) about emptying the tank.

I realized that sometimes I don’t push myself because I’m afraid that I won’t finish. Having that DNF at the WDW Marathon really messed with my head when it came to pushing myself in a workout. I never wanted to run out of energy and not be able to finish something, or not be fast enough to finish something, or whatever the case may be.

Saturday I went to CrossFit and we were doing a 12 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of 12 Push Press, 12 Pull ups and 12 Pistols (one legged squats). I was pushing myself hard. I decided I was going to empty the tank. I was dying around 9-10 minutes. I finished round 3 and looked at the clock, just under 2 minutes left. I thought I couldn’t fit in another round. So I thought about quitting. Well not quitting… just stopping early. Like how I justified that? I decided to push past empty and go for one more. I finished the last Pistol squat as the clock wound down to zero. I was spent. But I didn’t quit.

 love this quote at my box… learn to never quit. I’m learning!

This morning I went to CrossFit and saw the WOD and thought eh- it won’t be that bad. 7 rounds of 10 Hang Cleans and 10 Burpees every 3 minutes (Sidenote- strength was Deadlift… and I did 100#!!) I used 55# for the Hang Cleans and it actually felt pretty light the first 2 rounds. Believe it or not this was my first WOD with burpees! and I hate them as much as I thought I would. Rounds 3-5 were tough. Round 6 almost killed me. I didn’t think I could do anymore. I wanted to quit. I thought about quitting. But I didn’t quit.

I found the lost will and determination in the depths of my soul and hammered out the last round. I ended that WOD totally empty. And it felt great. I was a sweaty mess laying on the floor of the box trying to catch my breath. But I was proud. Not only did I push myself physically, but I pushed myself mentally. I find that many times my biggest setback in achieve goals is simply my mindset. I talked about that a little bit in my post about self-sabotage. Realizing that I am my biggest road block is hard, but freeing. That means that I have the ability to change my mind about what I can (or can’t) do! How empowering!

 Have you ever pushed past a mental block? What are some things you wanted to quit but pushed through anyway?

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CrossFit Tips For Beginners

Ever since my first CrossFit experience I have been wanting to put together a post for others who may be interested in CrossFit and want to know more (of for those of you who are curious about “those crazy people” lol).

First of all, let me be totally honest with you… I had zero desire to try CrossFit when I first started hearing about it. After all, I was a runner. I didn’t need CrossFit, just the open road and my Nike’s (insert elitest runner voice here). The truth is, I had been running consistently for 2 years and while I saw some improvement, I knew I needed something else. I started getting into weight training a little bit. I kept hearing about CrossFit, but kept brushing it off mostly because I didn’t want to join in on a “fad”

Plus, weren’t all those people who did it crazy obsessed? Didn’t you have to be in great shape already? Didn’t they eat that weird Paleo diet? And if I work out like that won’t I get bulky?

There are a ton of questions,myths, and misconceptions about CrossFit. I’m going to try to address a few of them here, and I’ll also link up to some other posts from some great bloggers about CrossFit.

Aren’t people who CrossFit crazy obsessed? Isn’t it like a cult or something?
Sure, there are some people who are pretty obsessed with it… but it’s just like any other type of workout or hobby. Runners seem “obsessed” with running… crafters are considered “obsessed” with crafting… Everything is going to have those kind of people. Just like with everything, you have to find balance. It is by no means a cult, just a community promoting functional fitness.

Don’t I have to be in shape to start CrossFit?
As far as being in great shape goes, that one is obviously FALSE. You don’t have to be in great shape to start CrossFit… but if you do CrossFit long enough you will probably start getting in great shape! There are super elite CrossFit athletes who compete for a living. There are also runners, swimmers, football players, etc who compete for a living. Everything in CrossFit is scalable. They have “Rx” or prescribed workouts, but if you can’t do those they always have ways for you to modify it to your scale level. And just because you scale a workout to your level doesn’t mean you aren’t working just as hard as someone who might Rx a workout. I scale everything right now, and I can tell you that I still get a killer workout!

Will I get hurt?
Let’s face it, you can get hurt doing anything. Driving, Flying, Running, playing softball. Like any sport there are risks, but in my opinion there are a lot more risks to sitting on your butt doing nothing! You have to learn to listen to your body and find that line between pushing yourself too far and using it as an excuse not to push yourself. It is absolutely imperative that if you’ve never done these kinds of workouts before that you go to a reputable gym with a trustworthy trainer. Learning the basics of lifts like Deadlift, Push Press, Snatch, Power Cleans, etc can be tricky if you don’t have good instruction. Need help finding a local box? Check Here.

What are the classes like?
Again, I have to say all CrossFit Boxes are going to be different since they are independently owned. When I go to CrossFit I plan on being there for about an hour. We start with a warm up, usually a 400m jog or row, then some group warm ups. Then for about 15-20 minutes we usually work on strength or skill. My favorites are when we work on lifting. We practice our deadlifts, push presses, clean and jerks. Then we do the WOD or Work Out of the Day.


It is usually either for time (as fast as possible) or they give us a time limit and we do AMRAP, As Many Rounds As Possible. After the WOD we usually do a stretch/mobility or depending on the intensity of the WOD maybe a finisher like planks. Even though the actual WOD is usually 10-20ish minutes, you still get a great workout!

Do I have to eat Paleo?
No! Obviously it is what they recommend, but its not for everyone. (Paleo is a type of eating that basically focuses on what our early ancestors could have hunted or gathered. So basically lean meats, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables). We are eating pretty close to Paleo, but still allow ourselves beans and some dairy. I will say this has worked well with me because of my Hashimoto’s I also have a gluten sensitivity. Avoiding the grains has helped my stomach and digestion quite a bit. I have found so many delicious alternatives to my normal gluten filled foods, like my favorite Paleo Pancakes!

If I lift weights like that won’t I get bulky?
This one is primarily for the ladies. I see so so so many women go to the gym and spend an hour on the treadmill or elliptical and walk out. When you ask them why they don’t go use the weights they typically respond “I don’t want to get all bulky and manly.” I have to admit I was one of the girls who didn’t really use the weights for a long time. Mostly because I was intimidated by them. This one is so not true. You will not bulk up like a body builder by picking up a barbell! From everything I have learned over the past few years, lifting weights is one of the best ways to get trim. Muscle burns more calories than fat, even after you stop working out. Stop with the treadmill and pick up a barbell! One of the reasons I love CrossFit is that it gives me a safe area to learn how to properly use the weights, rather than being intimidated by all the builder guys staring at themselves in the mirror in front of the free weights.

“Learn to Never Quit”

Lastly, let me remind you that CrossFit isn’t for everyone. Some people love it, some people hate it. I can’t argue with the results I’m seeing in my body and in how strong I feel. But please, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

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Would you try CrossFit? If you have tried it, any tips for beginners?