Small Changes Add Up

Oh hey.

It’s been a minute…. oooor a month. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I had huge plans to write a ton while we were on vacation in Mexico last month but… we were on vacation in Mexico! So, Tequila happened. And so did laying by the pool for hours on end. It was amazing and I’m planning on writing a whole post about it.


I have started to write a few times since then but every time I start to write it seems like the words evaporate. I haven’t even posted much on Instagram lately, and I was addicted to Instagram! Aside from being stupid busy trying to run several businesses, be a mom and wife, and still have time to eat/sleep/find clean clothes to wear… or time to wash my hair…. I have been struggling to find my voice here.

Really ever since I posted about how I was struggling to find myself I have continued to struggle with investing time and energy into public platform I created for myself. I have continued to feel out of place in the blogging community. I didn’t want this to turn into a career. I don’t care about ads or page views or followers. I didn’t want to have all the answers, be an expert, or pedal a quick fix. I just wanted a place to share my journey in hopes that it helps someone would be inspired by it.


Here’s the thing… along the way I have changed. My mindset has changed. I’m at a different place in life. I feel like I have more to offer on this space than just “Here’s what I ate” or “Here’s what workouts I did” – Does that mean I’ll never talk about food and workouts ever again? Absolutely not. But I don’t want to be just another former fat girl with a blog about what I eat. I want to challenge people to question what they believe and why they believe it… to inspire people to reach for their goals regardless of how impossible they may seem… to discuss different schools of thought on nutrition and exercise… to get you to ask yourself the hard questions about where you are in life and where you want to go. I’m still working on finding my way in many of these areas, so we can explore together. I’m just so tired of the rambling about how clean I eat or how much I workout or whatever in the health and fitness world. Over the last few years i’ve watched people struggle to lose weight, trying to find happiness through achieve some arbitrary weight goal. Or worse see that person yo-yo diet, develop disordered eating patterns, over train and end up worse than they started because they were chasing perfection.

It doesn't have to be all our nothing. Start small, it will pay off! #wycwyc #neversettle

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I’m not interested in perfection. The saying that Perfect is the Enemy of Good is all too true in health and fitness lately. Like if we can’t live on a diet of chicken and green beans forever we might as well eat whatever we want anyway. It is that kind of mindset that keeps people stuck. Thinking you have to make all these changes at once and then getting overwhelmed. It seems as though that is the new normal. It shouldn’t be! Making one or two smarter, healthier choices is going to get you further than doing nothing because you can’t do everything.

It’s all about doing What You Can, When You Can. Small changes add up over time to big results.

So don’t give up today… or this weekend… just make a small change. You are worth it.


Vacation Every Day

It is no secret that we love our vacations! One of the things we decided was important to us as a family was going out of the way to make special memories and experience new things. For the last several years we have made it a point to have at least one family vacation. Living in the midwest we find ourselves aching for a tropical getaway, so most of our trips have been to the beach, on a cruise, or some other warm and sunny climate. A born and raised Florida girl living in Missouri, I crave the beach!


Vacation memories are filled with the smell of sunscreen, the warmth of the sun, and the taste of tropical drinks. We are actually getting ready to head out to the beaches of Mexico next week! I can’t wait!

The good news is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to experience a little vacation in every day! As we gear up for vacation I’ve been looking for little ways we can bring that relaxing vacation feeling into our every day life. As it has started to get warm out the hubs and I (mostly him!) have been investing time and effort into creating a beautiful outdoor space to relax in. It may not be a tropical beach escape, but it is as close as we are going to get in land locked Missouri!backyard1



It’s just a start, but we are loving it so far! Our favorite thing to do is sit out back and relax after a long week. Along with a beautiful and relaxing area to sit in another way to bring a little vacation to the everyday is to enjoy a tropical drink while sitting in our personal backyard paradise. I was recently given the opportunity to try Palm Breeze, a sparkling alcohol spritz that comes in two tropical flavors, Red Ruby Citrus and Pineapple Mandarin Orange. Pineapple is a tropical vacation staple to me, so I picked up the Pineapple Mandarin Orange from my local grocery store.

Palm Breeze - #VacayEveryday


Palm Breeze is a flavored Malt Beverage which means it is an alcoholic drink made with a malt base, kind of like beer. I brought it out on our back porch and sipped it as I enjoyed our new water feature, which I pretended was the ocean. After a week of laundry, cooking, cleaning and work it feels good to take a few minutes and enjoy a little #VacayinEveryday. The Pineapple Mandarin Orange was a sweet burst of tropical delight.


Palm Breeze has partnered with Blo Bar to create a mini getaway experience for you and your girlfriends. If you are in Dallas, Austin, DC, or San Diego check out the event pages to RSVP for an evening of drinks and fun!

How would you bring a little vacation to every day?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Life is more than THAT MOMENT

We dream of it so long. Plan it out. Play it over in our minds. What the “after” is going to look like. What it feels like when we have “made it” and are finally successful. I guess in all those years of dreaming and planning and imagining THAT MOMENT that I never thought about what the next day would look like. But What happens after that?

As a little girl I dreamt of my wedding day. I loved the jewelry and the ballgowns and spent so long dreaming of THAT MOMENT when I’d walk down the aisle. Married- October 2007I watched every.single.episode of TLC’s A Wedding Story. When life happend different than I had planned I realized that the moment I dreamed of was so insignificant. It wasn’t about that moment, it was about every moment after that. We eloped and never had a wedding but have had a better marriage than I could have ever dreamt of. I should have seen how this lesson would play out in the rest of my life, but I didn’t. I still kept searching for, planning, and dreaming about “THAT MOMENT” in other areas of my life…

THAT MOMENT when your child is born.


It is truly magical and absolutely life changing… but it isn’t just that moment that changes your life. It is every moment after that. In the spectacular moments like when she says “Mama” or takes her first steps… or those frustrating moments when you get in your first fight over what she wears and you realize that she is her own person… or when you realize you can’t protect her from pain the way you wish you could. It isn’t just one moment… it is every one of those moments strung together in a lifetime of memories that is truly special and absolutely life changing.

When I was overweight the thing that kept me pressing on through every workout or sticking to my meal plan was the dream of THAT MOMENT when I would look in the mirror and see Skinny Courtney staring back at me. When I would fit into a size 10…. or weigh a certain weight. When I would feel “done” with my weight loss journey. I dreamt about that before and after side by side. I never thought about the day after that. In some twisted dream world I am sure I thought it would look like it did before, eating whatever I wanted without caring. But it doesn’t. I thought I would never think about parts of my body I didn’t like. But I still have days where I struggle with parts of my body.


As an owner of several different businesses I dreamt about THAT MOMENT when I would feel like we made it. Many people already feel like we are successful, and I feel like we have done well for ourselves for sure… but I struggle with feeling like we are the success others believe us to be because it doesn’t look like I thought it would. I figured we would struggle through our 20’s and then somehow turn 30 and BAM… we would have arrived. We would be living large with fat bank accounts and have “people” to do the busy work for us or something outrageous like that. I thought that somehow making it would mean it would be easy… but it’s not. It’s still early mornings, late nights, and doing a lot of stuff on our own… like business taxes, business license, budgeting and fees…. It’s still a lot of work.

For so long I lived for those moments, temporarily suspending life waiting to enjoy it until I reached that moment I was working towards. Once I was married…. had a kid… lost the weight… had a successful business… than I would enjoy life. This cycle will continue to consume me unless I stop it. There will always be some goal to chase, some moment I dream about. Yes, it is good to have goals to work towards… but as soon but I don’t want to look back on the life I missed out on because I was focused on chasing that one single moment in time when everything was perfect. Just because you aren’t where you want to be doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy where you are.


So live in the now. Enjoy the life you’ve already built. Chase your dreams, but not at the expense of missing out on the many moments that happen before they come true.

How can you enjoy the life you already have?