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Hello Yoga

For what seems like forever I’ve been telling myself I should do yoga. The relaxation, the stretching, the strength…  I knew it would be good for me. The reality is running a gym means that it’s hard to line up my schedule with a yoga studio. I’ve tried a few videos but to be honest many of them got a little too into the spiritual side of it, which isn’t bad, but not something I’m too in to. I found an app for my iPad called FitStar Yoga that I am loving. For the past few weeks I’ve been spending some time on my rest days doing a session or two with this app.


I really really like it. It is relaxing and perfect for moving my body on rest days. I love that it asks you to rate the poses as too easy, just right, or too hard. There was one crazy inversion that I was all no way and marked it too hard. Most of the stuff feels just right. I had the free version of the app, but I made a deal with myself that if I kept it up for a month I’d get the Premium version. I totally think it’s worth it!

As a part of my ambassadorship with HumanX Gear they were kind enough to send me their Eco-Fit Mat and Jump & Stretch Rope to help with my yoga and stretching routine.


This was the encouragement needed to stay on track for another week. Also, while I was out grocery shopping I saw a $3 mini yoga mat and I knew Payton would love to join me. So this past Sunday we set our mats up and did our little yoga session. It was adorable.


She loved it. She was also very particular about the poses… “Mom, she has her arm straight – Yours is bent!” and when relaxing in corpse pose at the end the classic “Mooooom, you’re supposed to have your eyes closed!” and my reply of course “How do you know my eyes are open if you’re supposed to have your eyes closed?” haha. We ended up doing another session because she loved it. And, of course, she had to change her outfit to be like the girl in the videos. She waiting for the part of each session that had Seated Namaste and really got into it. I loved it.


I’m really excited and hope this sticks. I may also try to find a local place that has yoga to try out as well! I can’t believe I waited so long.

Do You Yoga?

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Lightened Up Ranch Tuna Salad #BeeHealthy

It is already 3 weeks into the New Year. There is a saying that goes around saying that it takes 21 days to form a habit. So, have you made your New Year’s Resolutions into habits or have you already forgotten what they were? This is your year to become who it is you want to be. It’s still a New Year, and there is time to become that new you that you’ve always dreamed of. Many people set health related goals. As a CrossFit Gym owner and Coach the most common goals I see people setting this time of year are to lose fat and/or gain muscle. When I talk to clients about their food there is one thing that is missing in most of their diets: protein. Most people do not eat enough high quality, lean protein or good healthy fats. Bumble Bee Tuna offers a super affordable healthy option full of lean protein, healthy fat, and important vitamins and minerals.

I picked up a few of the pouches of Bumble Bee Omega-3 Albacore Tuna. I love that they offer pouches, it saves some time from having to drain the can. If the can is more your jam, they have that too! I used the pouch and a few other ingredients to make one of my favorite lunches, Lightend Up Ranch Tuna Salad.


I started with some chopped onions, about 1 tablespoon, and half of a green pepper. Here you can really make it to fit your preferences, maybe some celery, pickles, or any of your other favorite fresh vegetables. I used 1 pouch of Bumble Bee Omega-3 Tuna, Plain Greek Yogurt, and Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning.


Poor it all in a bowl and mix thoroughly.


You can put it on top of a bed of lettuce and some tomatoes and cucumbers or put it in a whole grain wrap if you want to add in some carbs. This is a super easy and delicious way to add in protein when you are in a pinch for time. Now that I think about it, I’m sure you could add a dalop of greek yogurt and a pinch of seasoning right to the pouch and eat it on the go – another way to avoid the drive through! See, adding protein doesn’t have to be complicated… or bland. This is your year to reach your goals. Let’s do it.

What are some of your favorite healthy meals you fix up in a pinch?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Do More of What Makes You Happy

Oh, January. The month of reflection and goals continues on… As I mentioned a few times I felt like 2014 was just a year of surviving. It was like I just went through the motions of doing all the things that I had to do and not so much time doing things that I loved to do. I often work from 5 or 6am until 7pm, splitting my time between Coaching at CrossFit 70 and working as a consultant with our Web Marketing company. On top of keeping the house running well and having time for my family I often felt like the things I enjoyed doing just got pushed to the side. I realized I became my work. I have had zero work/life balance. That happens when you run your own business and when you work from home. Constantly running back and forth with the “must do” things is like continuously withdrawing from a bank account and neglecting to deposit back into it. Operating on that negative balance is exhausting. The things that used to be no big deal for me to do became such an ordeal because I was running on empty. My happiness meter was dangerously low. So this year I decided to change that. My word for the year, Thrive, was something I picked to help me focus on my personal and professional growth regardless of circumstances. In order to Thrive I need to be able to step away from the grind for a minute or 10 and really recharge my soul.

For most people I know getting away for an hour to workout most days is a part of their recharge time. And, yes, it is for me too. I need that time. It stopped being a choice a long time ago. If I were to put a relationship status with CrossFit I’d have to say “It’s Complicated” because it is a hobby, a release, a recharge… but it is also a business. So being there to work out is never just about working out, there is always still something that needs tending too. So I’ve decided on top of my daily workouts I’m going to take some more time to myself and do more of what makes me happy.


I’ve kind of been helped along in this whole process with my Passion Planner. One of my short term goals was to enjoy life more. I love that the planner helps you break those goals down into actionable steps and keeps you focused on those small steps throughout the week. I made my goal last week to do more of what makes me happy, but in order to do that I spent some time doodling and listing out things that made me happy.



My list included coffee/tea dates, reading, having a clean house, DIY projects, writing, painting my nails, and most recently… Yoga! I am happy to say I did yoga twice last week, cleaned a good amount of my house, read an entire book, painted my nails, and spent more time writing. Do I have time for all that? No, but I made time for it because it sets me up to be in a better place mentally where I am far more productive in far less time. Really, it comes down to knowing you are worth it. You are worth investing in yourself. I am worth investing in. Even if it means pressing pause on some other things, It is SO worth it.

What is something that makes you happy?