Favorite Finds

Every so often I come across amazing new products that I love. Sometimes I find them through friends and sometimes these products are sent to me to try out. Regardless of how I come across them I am always Read more

Abdominoplasty Recovery: Q & A (5 Weeks Post Op)

Today marks 5 weeks since my Abdominoplasty surgery! Time has seriously been flying. I honestly imagined my recovery time to crawl by. I think being on the pain meds the first week made that week go by even faster. I Read more

Speaking Out Against Perfection

I used to love little quotes that said "good is the enemy of great" or something to that effect. I have always thought if you are going to do something you might as well do it all the way. Read more

Favorite Finds


Every so often I come across amazing new products that I love. Sometimes I find them through friends and sometimes these products are sent to me to try out. Regardless of how I come across them I am always honest in my review and don’t share anything unless I think you’ll love it. So here we go!



So I absolutely love this idea. See, I’m a female of the thigh gapless variety. Which is awesome. Except when you want to wear cute maxi skirts and your strong muscular gapless thighs like to rub together. Bandelettes sent me a pair of both the lace and the spandex versions. Of course the lace version is super sexy, but I found even with the silicone strips they didn’t stay in place as well as the spandex. They stayed in place around 80% of the time.


But they look hot, right? The spandex version are a little more plain but stayed in place perfectly. They helped prevent the chafing that occurs when you’re walking around outside all day in the humidity with your gapless thighs. Be sure to check out the sizing charts on the site to get the right size so it stays in place!

Raydiant Apparel Headbands


Just because I can’t work out yet doesn’t mean I don’t like to dress like I’m working out! One of my absolute must haves for a workout is a wide headband. It not only helps keep my hair and sweat out of my face, but it also looks cute! This is the Hot Pink Cheetah band. I love that these are stretchy and sweat wicking and they are affordable too! Use the code CN15 to get 15% off the already affordable prices. I think I need the neon coral one next! What is your workout must have?


Ok, I may be late on this train… but I’m kind of obsessed with ModCloth. I bought a dress from them for our cruise back in January and I love it. The clothes are adorable. I’m loving their home decor section too. This is my most recent obsession:


The arrows… The quote. I adore it. Now who wants to buy it for me?

GoMacro Bars

Last, but not least, my new favorite snack: GoMacro Bars! These bars are seriously delicious.


These bars are vegan, organic, gluten free, and non-GMO verified. And delicious. They have flavors from coconut granola to my favorite: Banana Almond butter. I love that gomacro is a family run company who bases their business principles on a whole living lifestyle. Go check out their website and use the code SOGOOD40 to get 40% off until 9/30.

Yogi Tea

I am on such a hot drink kick with the weather cooling down. My favorite right now is the Kava Stress Relief. I swear it works.


I’ve talked about Fabletics a few times. But seriously… It is my favorite workout wear. They come out with new outfits each month. This month is all about the Taos Print, But I am in love with this jacket…

I just got in these ombre pants and I love them. Use my referral link and you can get 50% off your first outfit!

What are some of your recent favorite finds?

disclaimer: i was provided with samples of some products in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Abdominoplasty Recovery: Q & A (5 Weeks Post Op)


Today marks 5 weeks since my Abdominoplasty surgery! Time has seriously been flying. I honestly imagined my recovery time to crawl by. I think being on the pain meds the first week made that week go by even faster. I slept a lot that week too. The last update I posted was at 10 days post op. This was just after getting my drains and belly button stitches out. Really, that was a major turning point in my recovery! Showers are a beautiful thing and I was happy to have them back in my life!

From 2 weeks post op to 4 weeks post op things got exponentially better. I started feeling less pain and completely stopped having to take anything for pain right around 2 weeks. Some of the swelling started to go down and moving around was much easier.

At my 3 week post op appointment Dr Mills was impressed with how well I was moving. Again, I will tell you that being fit going into surgery helped me more than anything else. My body recovered faster and moving around was so much easier. At the appointment I was told I had an open wound on my belly button. This wasn’t a huge deal, it was just that where my belly button was ended up right on one of my stretch marks, so it took a little while longer to heal. This was during the healing process. All I had to do was keep antibiotic ointment on it. 


I also got told to stop wearing my bulky hospital binder and go to using a spanx type compression garment. I have just been wearing high waisted spanx underwear type compression. I still have swelling, especially if I do something particularly active like clean the house. I started to feel more normal and even got into some jeans! I’m wearing the same size I was before, they just fit way better!

At 4 weeks post op I felt 99% normal. I still had some tightness, but a lot of my mobility was back to normal. I can twist and turn and have no pain. Again, the swelling is still here… and It’s actually worse in this picture because I spent most of the day before on my feet.


At 4 weeks I started wearing my compression garment half time. I’ve worn it just through the night and I’ve also worn it just during the day. I think I prefer to wear it to bed because I love waking up with the flatter tummy after being in compression gear all night. I was also allowed to lift more weight, around 25lbs and up. Before I was limited to 10-15lbs. The first few days of wearing my compression gear half time I felt my core getting tired towards the end of the afternoon.

Today is the 5 week mark and I can see a huge difference between last week and this week. The swelling has gone down noticeably, at least to me.


The swelling usually happens in the lower part of my stomach, but today it felt really flat. As far as the scar goes, it is suuuuper low and pretty light. You can see in the 4 weeks post op picture the faint line of the scar. I’m really happy with the placement of the scar and how well it has recovered. I also love my belly button shape and coloring, especially after it finished healing.  I feel totally normal. I’m SO ready to get back to working out. I can start easing back into it next week. I know once I get back to working out things will change even more (for the better!)

Here is a little progression of my results week by week. Some weeks you can see a difference and some you can’t. Tummy Tuck recovery is a roller coaster of ups and downs.


I asked on my Facebook and Instagram if anyone had specific questions regarding the procedure or recovery so I’ll answer them here. If you see any I didn’t get to, leave them in the comments!

Where is the best place to rest immediately post-op? Recliner, bed, sofa?

First of all, remember that everyone has a different recovery. I slept in my bed at night from day 1. I was propped up on pillows so I was almost sitting up, but I felt like I needed some separation between my “awake time” and “night time.” I Spent most of the day the first week in a recliner, which was the most comfortable. By week 3 I started removing pillows and laying down more flat. I still kept a pillow under my knees until week 3 as well.

What do you like best and least about your procedure/experience/body now?

I love my belly button! I’ve always had a spare tire around my belly button as long as I remember. So to have a cute belly button is so fun! The part I like the least about the whole procedure is the numbness I feel from my belly button to the top of the scar. It doesn’t hurt, it just feels weird and was really hard to get used to.

Was it painful?

Again, every one is going to be different. The pain pills helped the first week and once the drains was out it was less pain and more discomfort. Everything felt super tight and that was the hardest part. It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

How long before you can walk upright/lay flat? 

I was standing mostly upright by the 8 day mark. I didn’t start sleeping completely flat until around week 3.

Did your insurance pay on the procedures?

No, this was all out of pocket. Some insurance would have covered it, but since we are self employed and have to purchase our own insurance this wasn’t included despite the fact I was referred to the Plastic Surgeon by my Primary Care Doctor due to irritating rashes and other issues. Check with your provider.

How much weight did you lose?

I cannot stress this enough…  This is not a weight loss surgery. I did not have this surgery to lose weight. I spent the last 4 years totally overhauling my lifestyle and lost 70lbs before having this procedure. They removed 8lbs of skin and tissue during the surgery. Since surgery day I’m down just about 5lbs. Swelling is crazy during the first few months so it goes up and down depending on activity level and my diet.

How do your clothes fit?

Most of my clothes were too small coming out of surgery because of the swelling. I’m just now getting to where I can fit in most of my pre-surgery clothes. They fit different, but they fit. I’m still in the same size jeans but there is a lot more room in the front!

So far I’m very happy with my decision to have this surgery and loving my results. Again, it is not for everyone. It was what was right for me. I would do it again in a heart beat. It is overwhelming to see the results I’ve worked so hard for. I’m not saying you have to go through plastic surgery to see results, but with the amount of time and the degree to which I was obese it was the option that made the best sense for me.

Thank you so much for following my journey!

Do you have any questions about the procedure/recovery I haven’t answered?

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Speaking Out Against Perfection

I used to love little quotes that said “good is the enemy of great” or something to that effect. I have always thought if you are going to do something you might as well do it all the way. I’ve never been good with grey… it’s either black or white. It’s right or it’s wrong. It’s all or nothing. And while that could seem like an admirable trait to some, it can actually cause more harm than good.

This is how almost all my attempts at a “diet” have been, going all the way back to those pre-prom dress shopping days in high school. I would start off all motivated and excited and then I’d get to lunch and have a fry… or all the fries. Then I would figure since I already messed up I should have ice cream. and the snowball continued. This trend was pretty standard for me. I’d start something new… Weight Watchers, HCG, Low-Carb, Paleo… and then I would slip up and that one little slip up turned into the rest of the day… the rest of the day would turn into the week and so it continued. When I started my Health Journey just after having my daughter in 2010 things changed a bit. I had a deeper source of motivation and will power. I would stay “strict” for a lot longer and felt good and saw results. A more strict plan is what I needed at that time. As I dove further into the world of health and fitness I became so overwhelmed. There is so much information, often information that contradicts each other. Eat this, no don’t eat it. Coffee Causes cancer, oh no it helps you live longer. There is an information overload which often leads to panic and inability to act on anything. I did my best, but felt so confused half the time. Living my journey for the online world to see made me feel pressure to be “perfect” and have it all figured out. What I forgot was I started this blog because I wanted to show other women that you don’t have to have it all together… that you can be a real person and not perfect and still make progress.

As I continued on whatever plan I was currently following I would still have “slip ups” but instead of just saying forget it and continuing the binge I found myself in what I would consider an even more dangerous place… guilt. I had a hard time enjoying favorite foods and family gatherings. Occasionally I would have the “Screw it” mindset and go off track. But guilt still showed up in full force when I would try to to get on track.

So I went from one end of the spectrum to the other but I still struggled to find balance. I believe in moderation I just had a hard time actually putting it into practice. I was so focused on being perfect that I didn’t allow myself to be ok just doing my best in that moment. Simply put, in real life there is no way to be perfect all the time. So expecting that out of myself set me up for some major problems. I was basically inviting guilt and shame to live with me. While I never thought I had a specific eating disorder I do believe I had Disordered Eating Habits. I obsessively weighed and measured my food, I only ate the same “safe foods” over and over again, I weighed myself not just daily – but multiple times a day, and there was a long list of good and bad foods. The more I stressed about being perfect with my nutrition the less results I saw. I was stressed and felt like I couldn’t realistically live like this.

I began to feel alienated and alone in my struggles. Everyone else seemed to have it all figured out. Then I came across the hashtag #wycwyc (What you can, when you can) This explained what I longed for my entire nutrition philosophy to be like. I wanted the freedom it gave me the permission to have. Being in the health and fitness industry not just with my blog, but with owning a gym, I feel huge amounts of pressure to be perfect. The reality is life isn’t perfect. Life is made up of a bunch of moments, both perfect and far from it, and all we can do is what we can, when we can.

If that means a few more nights out to eat because it’s busy season with your business, then so be it. It means skipping the rolls so I can have dessert. It means enjoy life’s perfectly imperfect moments and being ok with it all. Because I can’t control it. I can do my best. And sometimes that may mean measuring food and skipping treats depending on my goals at the moment. It could also mean having a pumpkin pie blizzard just because. It doesn’t mean I get a free hall pass to do whatever I want, whenever I want. It means I’m doing the very best I can do in this exact moment. That may be better than I was yesterday, or not as good as I was yesterday. But it is being content with making the best decision for my physical, mental, and emotional health in that second.


So, maybe you are like me… a former, or current, perfectionist… If so, stop. Take a minute and breathe. If you are looking for permission to NOT be perfect, here it is. Know that weather you eat a salad or a burger doesn’t make you a better or worse person. Your food choices don’t make up who you are. Enjoy life and it’s little moments, especially when those moments include the occasional donut. Do your best, even if it isn’t what you think is perfect. Your job is to be your best. To be excellent. To be you. Not to be some social media filtered version of perfection.

Have you ever struggled like this? Remind me I’m not alone!
What Does #wycwyc look like for you?


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